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Christmas 2000

On Tuesday, December 19th, the BorderCats and the Boosters celebrated the Christmas season at the Huron Athletic Club. They exchanged gifts and spent some quality time together (Don't laugh too hard). The BorderCat players and staff were given Garfields gift certificates from the booster club (I do believe they were given 50.00 per person). Just thought I'd share some pictures from the event, so enjoy.

Kevin Bertram shares his thoughts with a Booster Club member.

Stephane Madore (Some day we will turn on the "red eye reduction" button.)

Shayne Tomlinson and Bobby McKillop being social butterflies.

The two cool coat racks made from BCats sticks and pucks, Tom Frater made them himself.

Michel Massie enjoys the company of booster members and teammate Hugo Hamelin.

Jeff Loder and Becca share holiday smiles.

David Alexandre Beauregard and baby Carpentier, isn't it cute?

Ryan Pawluck seems to be enjoying himself.

Amanda plays with her new baby

Mikhail Nemirovsky retreats to a quieter spot to have a conversation.

We didn't even have to tell Beauregard to say cheese.

Tom Frater and John Glavota sort through the gifts and cards.

Ryan Pawluck bids everyone goodnight, the party is winding down.

Is Shayne ever not happy? We think he is just trying to get on the cover of GQ.

Even though everyone is leaving, Hugo Hamelin is still having a great time. He is a goalie though, so that explains it a little.