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Below are a bunch of cool people who make Port Huron, and my life in general, pretty cool.

Nancy- We have our own *GrOoVy* little monkey who dances to the cool songs
at away arenas!  "Flush it" "We'd like to Veto that suggestion" and
for future reference, calling "Monkey Boy" at 3 am when we are a wee
bit tipsy is NEVER a good plan, unless it gets creepy BG beat up :)
I am your agent, Monkey Boy is security and BG is just creepy!  "Bobby
was curious, George was just a monkey!" 
....Car pirates...pirates doin' stuff....
Car pirates, first on the scene!  LOL I am amusing myself way too much!
Want to make me smile, mention Toledo...remember that??  Oh and Fuck Bees!

Melissa M. (aka MO12)~ We so rule! Cruisin' in the Neon! I'll always remember highschool now!! May the Neon rest in Peace, wherever it is.

Bethany~ You are one insane southern girl, but hey, we have way too much fun! I will never eat poached eggs again! Here's to many more road-trips like the one to Flint (The ones we win, not the ones were we have to bring new Cats their jerseys!) I will miss staying up till 4 a.m. w/ you while Eric is on the road and watching Justice Files and the Virgin suicides and surfing the net for celadon dresses! Miss you girl!

{In between her Mom and Dad} Autumn Grace- You have the best parents in the world little one, and you are just as cute as can be :)

Eric~ The best trainer in the whole wide world, you put up with so much (including me, and the time that your fish died even though it wasn't my fault....) and I miss you! Who else would eat the leftover taco I put in the fridge after a roadtrip or let me use the cool college blanket? Who else would imitate Robin Bouchard on the floor of a bar purely for our amusement?

Luke (aka Smurf)~ Luke The Rock, haha, someday we are going to go drinking in Quebec and have something other then winecoolers. Thanks for being so nice to Sheila and Dennis, now I don't have to. Oh, and don't worry, someday I'll let you beat me in the March Madness bet.

Matt C.(aka Mattie)~ You are one of the best goalies in the world (Next to Brodeur and Roy), Remember that doors always hurt when you walk into them!

Random thoughts in the middle of these shoutouts---"If you kick a seagull, will he still eat your waffle fries? Asheville rules (except when Watson gets arrested)...

Tricia~ Picos4Life!! "Hey, you are in my class?" "Hey you go to my school?" "Hey you live in this city?" "Hey, you're from this country?".....etc...LOL You are an awesome friend and a stellar mom!

Sarah M...or is it Sarah K #2 now?~ Its all confusing Sarah #2, get your butt up here.

Lynette~ Adirondack isn't as much fun as Asheville, I veto that plan for anymore roadtrips.

Shawn~ Don't almost fall on the ice outside of anymore hotels, or next time, one of those fruity hockey boys might get ya instead of me and Nancy!! ;)

Shayne (aka Mrs.Bouchard)~ Try not to get so many penalties, take care of Jamee and Amanda and Baby Shayne. Let me know when your GAP career takes off ;)

Yannick and Genevieve~ We'll just continue to look at the bright side, no more MacKenzie :)

John G.~ Seriously boy, stop breaking your face! Hockey pucks hurt eh?

Long~ Out there havin' fun in CA without me =0( You suck duck (LoL) ...Thanks for my "present" ;)

Courtney~ Take care of Adam, otherwise he does wierd stuff.

Adam (aka Robo, aka Addie)~ "Money is always good" **SPARKLERS RULE**

JP~ I still haven't figured out why the water is blue, but I'll let you know. We'll still love you, even if you are a General...*Shudder*

Francois~ I'll try to remember to walk with the elephants in the parade and I don't even WANT to know why you know about Geno's boxers!

Rocxanne~ The guy at the jewelry place is still hot, and you could so get free jewelry, what can Jason get you?? Exactly......

Jason (aka Chief)~ "I may be easy but I am not cheap" well doesn't that just say it all?

Tom~ Head Water Boy! I will never eat ham again, thanks a whole lot! Take care of Stoner in Orangeville, he is the better goalie in my opinion, but hey, you are both wierd, so, you go..or something.

Kevin S. (aka Stoner)~ Stay away from Tom, he's a bad influence on you Stonewall. He tried to make you into a crappy goalie but it didn't work. We have to go to the bar next time your down and recruit the "rookies" to come and play "Spoons"...I remember that, and I still hate you for trying to play that, and making me sad....but its ok, I just sat on the freezing road for a few hours, I survived....I always liked Murph and Roosh better I'm bitter :) Just kiddin'

Jamie #1, Jamie #2, Jamie #3~ you girls are hilarious, and the guy, well, I like your bar ;0)

Sara H. (aka Howie)~ The original Howie, you are always entertaining.

Heather H. (aka Howie) ~ The New Howie, keep it real (haha)and always remember Trace and POD.

All my Fehr Ladies~ Nothing but love for my sisters :)

All the Hockey friends~ Elayne, Dana, Dalen (aka Roosh) and his A&F get a life, and no, it wasn't Ashley Judd (Sorry Roosh, that still cracks me up!) Chad F.(You and Roosh were the only hot guys at the GAP), Mike (aka Figgy, LOL...getting "Figgy" with it), Lindy, Angie, Jamiee (aka Kitten) now I know why we stay away from the evil Bruce, Lisa (Ya'll wanna go upstairs now, that is SO your fault), Diane, Ryan, Sheldon, and Gretta, and Charlie B. (Aka Charlie Tuna....I don't know why don't ask) haha, I always remember Charlie's whole "Ahhh, there is an Otter at the table", Dave (aka Chewy) the best ex-BCat ever (shh, I'll deny it if you tell anyone), Corey P., Cindy, Alie.

Trish~ And the bitch took the fucking grape!! HA!!

Pascal (aka Pez)~ Keep your head up, no more suspensions.

Christian~ I always liked you better.

POD~ Aaron, Erin, Amanda M. (aka Chicken), Trace (RIP...we miss you), Will (Did you pass??)

2nd Hour~ Natalie (U scare me, but I miss ya!), Ray (aka Sunny) are you enjoying Mr.English-Teacher as much as I am?, Andy K.

Office time~ Amanda B., Dana B. we all rule, especially the '00 (me and dana) Amanda luvs Trace (haha)

Psycho-class~ Heidi (stay sweet, prom was so fun w/ you and Ben and Jeremy) Amy S., Trisha S., Cassie, Geannie (aka Campbell), Jeremy (Aka Germy Worm), Amanda T., Al W.

The Lunch Table~ Chad M. (Do your homework in the dark), Christina, Mel D. aka Melmo, Brandon, Fish, The original Fish (bridgette), Micki, Scot, Timmery (U rule!)

Research paper experts~ Chad G., Dan, Holly, Emily K. still faking them eh Em?, Faith and Jessica G.

Toronto, now and then~ Mike and Jenn, Jenny D., Mary MS, Becky B.

Jackie S., Amy J., Jason G., Melissa and Amanda S., Amy B., Amy C., Delbie, Kyle, Crystal~ The Quiet(er) ones.

The Loud Ones~ Heidi S., Heather W. (Mrs. Butt), Steph G., Emily L. (Lue), Tiffany L. (Squirrel Lady), Corey A., Leah, Ben D., Erin E., Shannon F. (aka Shananigans), Crystal, Joel (Cows), Shelly, Todd, John K. (Dead silence gets kinda boring), Sarah L, Laura L. Barry (ozzie the Pimp), Cory (What? Your uncle is Chris Osgood?), Autumn L., Jenny M., Becky P., Evan (killer) history rules!!, Chad R., Karen (Hooray for Chem!), Lisa S., Lindsey R., Dave T.(Macy), Sarah P (Birdwoman), Cassie V. (ollie's Boxers!!)

The Fab 4~ Nicki, Stacy, Jamie and Angi (Angi Banangi)

CMU- Nicole M, Jenni, Laurie, Zach and some of the Davison rock! Jared, yeah, you're just metro-sexual :) Eric- Good luck next year! Vickie- See you next year! Devaughn- What can I say? If I left you out, I apologize........More later