(UHL) JP Morin (Ok, you win, I'll be a Flint fan LOL), Yannick Carpentier (my favorite Kwing ;) ), Simon Poirier ("Princess", we miss you! ), Luke Murphy (Motor City blows anyway!) Charlie Blyth (Congrats on the "A" Charlie-tuna), Trevor Senn (I love the little rage-disorder monkey haha!), Shayne Tomlinson (Back out of retirement!), Andrew Tortorella (Did he retire too? Where are you Torts?) and Mike Figliomeni (Ok, so he's retired now...sue me). (Other Leagues) Jason Renard (It is like playing "Where in the World is Reny?"),Dave Chewy Ivaska and Jamie Dabanovich (I demand both of you un-retire immediatly) {Dabber has to unretire because he is fun to watch, I'd suck up more but then I'd insult other people}. **MAJOR CONGRATS** to Chewy on his college degree. Way to go Dave!

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