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The NHL Like You've Never Seen it Before!

People always have complimented me on finding the best photos of players, as well as rare photos of players. Well for all the puckbunnies who have emailed me about my favorite players, asking for more "rare" photos, you have finally got your wish. A group of friends and I stumbled onto a collection of a "Before they were Stars" type of collection of NHL-ers..... Now you must be old enough to view these photos, and don't post them on any public sites. Photos are very risque and some are nude, view with caution!

Who's Who of the NHL

The list of guys in these photos is a virtual who's who in the NHL right now. We are talking about Martin Brodeur, Adam Deadmarsh, Paul Kariya, Eric Lindros, Mike Modano, Owen Nolan, Mike Peca, Chris Pronger, Patrick Roy, Brendan Shanahan, The Sedin Twins, Mats Sundin, Doug Weight, Alexei Yashin and MUCH MORE! Got your attention do we? Well, have a look at the pictures then.


Now if you swear you are 18 and can handle seeing you favorite NHL-ers, um, how shall we say, on the button below.

We Lied!!

We apologize but it was just too easy to see how many people would either A.) Be that big of puckbunnies or B.) Be a little TOO curious about what the above mentioned players look like naked.....