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Jack and Jill

Okay, its a Canadian thing. Its also called a Buck and Doe....Its a bachelor/bachelorette party I guess you could say. Adam and Courtney had their Jack and Jill at the Duck and Game lodge in Adam's hometown of Bancroft. They raffled off prizes, sold drinks and provided a really cool 70 year old DJ (Seriously, he really was cool!). Those Canadians know how to party, let me tell you. We started at 8:00 pm on May 27th, and weren't done until 2:30 am on May 28th. Then they took the party back to Robo's parents (Thats where most of us decided we had enough and went to the hotels). My companions (My mom, Luke Murphy, Matt Carmichael, Tami Frowd and Kevin Brown) and I had fun shooting up our disposable cameras. I got to see Adam's whole family again, and good ol' Rob Fitzgerald (he's also Adam's best man). Plus I met some cool cousins of Courtney's from Flint, Robo's old adopted families (or billits as they say), and Robo's grandma and grandpa, as well as all these cool friends of Robo's youngest sister Anita (Not to mention all Adam's old cute hockey friends.) Enjoy our online album!

Courtney and Grandpa Robbins

Tami won the raffle!

The Bancroft Guys!

Luke dancing with the girls.

Luke dancing with his new friends

Kevin (in the white) dances (or tries to) with Mrs.Robbins

Luke dancing

Kevin and Matt dance to Matt's girlfriend's song (Matt is secretly dating Britney Spears, or at least thats what he told Adam's grandma at about 10, then at about midnight, the story changed to that she dresses too revealing, so he was cheating on her with me.....I really hope Adam told his grandma (poor lady) that it wasn't true..)

Luke and Anita Robbins

Courtney and Robo have the first dance at 8:45

Rob and Courtney

Rob and Adam's older sister, Annmarie

Luke and Matt go to take pictures

Luke and Mrs.Robbins, Tami and Kevin dance to one of the few slow ones.

Luke early on in the evening.

One of the last dances of the night, Courtney gets Adam to dance again (He's no fun, didn't dance all night, till the end, but hey, I got my dance, so I don't have to go to the wedding now!)

Anita and her dad share a dance (Don't they all look like Adam?)

Tami and Matt (Don't got worse)

Tami and Kevin

Matt, Kevin and Luke attempting to dance at the end of the night

Tami and Kevin dancing

One of my favorite pictures, at 2 am, Courtney, Mr.Robbins, Mrs.Robbins, (Kevin's behind Adam), Adam and Tami smile for a picture to remember the night by.

Just to Cute: Early on, Courtney makes us people from Port Huron feel part of the Bancroft crowd (She says she didn't know anyone either!) Matt, Court and Luke smile for all of you that couldn't make it.