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BorderCats 2000-2001

Pictures from the first booster meeting of the year can be seen below.

Dave D., Ian Jacobs, and Jason Glover (L to R)

Sam Paquet

Back Row(L to R or going to try anyway) Coach LaForest (yup the small guy), barely visible behind him is Tom, In the red shirt is Tim Findlay, behind him is Michel M., Ryan P., Ian J., Curtis S., Sam P., Shayne T., Dave D., and Yannick C.

Front Row (L to R) Michel P., David Alexandre B., Jason G., Stephane M. (Facing back), David M., Brent G., Mike B., Bobby M., Hugo H. and Kevin S.

Stephane Madore and Yannick Carpentier

Shayne Tomlinson (One of my adopted players)

Michel Massie

My other adopted player/trainer, Eric McClung and his fiance Bethany (Sorry Beth, but your eyes were closed)

Sam Paquet and Shayne Tomlinson (Our group this year is, close)